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A Joyful Afternoon

This Sunday, Karma Kitchen invited guests to participate in our theme of the week: "joy," by sharing what makes THEM smile. Here are a couple of the amazing blurbs we received:

What makes them smile? 

  • when other people smile
  • life and being able to travel without being afraid
  • cheesy dad jokes
  • feeling friendliness
  • my daughter
  • cool breezes & sunny days
  • volunteering
  • groupon
  • genuine kindness
  • feeling appreciated and appreciative
  • puppies!!
  • happy babies
  • my girlfriend
  • the generosity of others
  • hearing other people's unique and loud laughter
  • watching my kids sleep
  • the infectious smiles of the KK volunteers
  • family
  • yummy vegetarian food
  • having the whole family together
  • looking up through the canopy of trees

Hopefully, this inspires you to think about what makes YOU smile and what brings joy into YOUR life. :)

--Christina on Jul 24, 2011

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