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The Jolly Good Crew

Thank you for coming together for a wonderful offering at Karma Kitchen yesterday -- and serving exactly 100 guests!  As Lalita appropriately said, the description of these experiences simply can't do justice to the actual, visceral sense of connection that we all felt yesterday.

In thinking back -- all the way to yesterday :) -- I remember the smile of that 3-month-pregnant mother that got tagged with a Bart pass to go somewhere she hasn't been, and that bowled-over gentleman who wanted his check as a memoir (and insisted on busing their own table!), and the young local woman who wanted to donate copies of "Urban Empathy", and Hafeez who was gladly sharing his "pass the buck" idea with unsuspecting strangers, and the older woman who gave each of the volunteer her hand-drawn blessings, and that kid who gave the most unbelievable hugs, and that table that had all kinds of questions, and that song that Jeff sung (after which one group wanted to gift him a trip to Yosemite!), and that lawyer in the back :) who silently, single-handedly and whole-heartedly kept doing the dishes the whole time, and really the effortless ways in all of us came together like a family.

Thank you for your time, your friendship and all the ripples you helped generate.

Oh, and the group photos from Jeff's camera: the smileys, the goofies, and the closing feast. :)

--Maitre-D :) on Nov 8, 2009

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