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Ashton Kutcher? And Be Love. :)

Thanks for a smooth, 92-person offering today!  Attached is our group photo -- w/out our beloved Valerie (hope you're well, Val -- I mean, Valerie :)).

Some of my highlights ...

  • Valerie hearing about us from via a Twitt by Ashton Kutcher?!?
  • Sura coming in with her hand-made "one-dollar cards" and feeling like she's an instrument of a larger force.  See attached photo.
  • Susan offering a wrapped card, with an offering of her photo and a heartfelt blessing for the KK crew.
  • Couple coming in for their three-week marriage anniversary (they had apparently read my wedding vows too!), and offerings eight cookbooks written by the their friend.
  • Two ladies delaying their flight so they could experience Karma Kitchen.
  • Karen's gift of "Be Love" bracelets that everyone -- including the chefs -- was wearing.
  • An offering of teaching sign-language to anyone.
  • At least 4 tables walking out because they felt like eating meat. :)
  • A tennis pro (he's *really* good) who offered to play tennis with me anytime. :)

And of course, Meredith's wonderful theme of nourishment (see third photo attached), with comments like:

I am nourished by ... my cat, who always paws right on my when I'm freaking out ... a good book on a cold day wrapped in a cozy blanket, open hearted conversation over soup, a bike ride with the sun on my face, a drum beat that moves my body, a smile from a stranger, gardening, and this meal ... psycho-therapy ... by the sight of young people like Myles participating in Karma Kitchen ... worship in community ... horses ... chocolate ... by the happiness of my beautiful wife and daughter ... connection with other life ... when my son 7, he asked a face painter to paint him as the sunrise; the memory of his picture of a beaming sunrise still nourishes me ... being the gift ... mom's food ... good company ... small acts of kindness ... whispher of trees ... individuals who cultivate global awareness in consciousness expansion and sustainable living ... meditation ... great spirit ... good food. :)
Thanks again for volunteering!

--JZ on Oct 11, 2009

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