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The Gigantic Smile Card

Our theme last Sunday was Joy.  Guests answered "What makes you smile?" and Sachi colorfully choreographed a gigantic Smile Card collage which will be offered to a volunteer who was recently hospitalized.  Here is some of quotes people shared:

"hot chocolate on blustery day", "when someone asks me, 'what makes you smile?'", "a kiss on the cheek", "kids laughing", "Audrey Hepburn riding a scooter with Gregory Peck", "cool breeze on my face all night long", "tara watching over us in a corner", "scuba diving", "to see others gain confidence in themselves", "being unconventional and hand-gliding", "connection", "a good meal with Idrens", "meeting new people", "when someone gives me a compliment", "praying", "my 20-year-old sons knock-knock jokes", "labs (dog kind)", "unconditional love amongst brederin and sisterin", "good food", "making someone else smile", "look of love and loveliness", "when I see a friend I haven't seen in a long time", "when someone gives me a compliment", "friendship", "random talks with strangers", "a really funny joke", "hummingbirds", "babies laughing", "when someone says of-ten instead of often", "unintrerrupted horizons", "when someone makes me feel special", "sunshine", "happy, free animals", "breaking my expectations", "wow" ... and of course, the infamous: "when people do impressions of other people." 

Oh, and here one I just saw: "Joy: my 2-year-old running & jumping into my lap, beaming with joy, saying: "mama, mama, it's green!"  Then he showed me a leaf."

Thank you, all!

--Nipun on Aug 24, 2009

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