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Felt Like Old Friends

Dear KK-Berkeley Crew of Jan 17th,

Thank you for a wonderful time, serving together at Karma Kitchen.  We all felt like old friends, although it was the first time we were all serving together!

As I reflect on the time back, I first think of the powerful couple minutes of silence that we shared at the end.  Then, as we read random "blessings" that people had left behind, the beautiful tapestry of noble thoughts was clearly evident.  And all of our 94 guests enjoyed that space because of Puri's reconnection with her Maitre-D groooove, Kye's unflappable equipoise while interfacing, (not-really-)shy-Chris truly being our "savior" (and photographer), Jassu seamlessly rolling from back to overcome her fears in the front, Sharanya's wowing us not just with her plating but her song, Bhoutik's joyous energy radiating well beyond the no-complaints bracelets that he gifted each of us, :) and Sundos's calming be-the-contentment peace that held so many pieces together.  And then there were the was-this-really-your-first-time volunteers: Yvette's unstoppably radiant smile, Sam's infectious happiness, and Badri's dish-washing marathon (with a sprinters speed!).  What fun!  Thank you.

At one point, Sharanya came in the back and said, "There's a fellow on the table who has serious questions about the concept."  After some conversations, and just breathing in the ambiance, that same fellow decides to sign up as a volunteer and then offer up a song to the whole restaurant!  On another table, a woman with a shaved head and monastic inclinations said she couldn't believe such a thing was being attempted -- and after some powerful stories, I just asked her to look around ... Denise Zabalaga happened to walking by that table and Susan Schaller happened to sitting at the table across from them and then they had just discovered Smile Cards.  Such stories can easily rock anyone.  And those subtle transformations adds up to an  ambiance that rocks even more people, including each one of us!

I use the phrase "thank you" ... but really, the joy of being collective instruments for such small and invisible moments of goodness ... is beyond words.  Still, thank you. :)

--Maitre-D :) on Jan 22, 2010

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