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More Blessings :)

It was a honor to serve at Karma Kitchen with all of you. :)

Below are the "blessings" that guests shared and Aditya's transformation song -- forgive me for the terrible camera handling.

- May the spirit of kindness and generosity be felt by your family & new blessing (baby)
- Many blessings to you and your wonderful journey through parenthood. May you be shown the many wonders of the world through your child's eyes. May you continue to find those beauties of giving, like I have found here at Karma Kitchen.
- To baby! May your life be filled with love, happiness, and joy. Always!
- This is such a wonderful experience. Those who participate may begin to see and understand the many ways a gift economy and a love economy can transform our greed / profit economy. May all of us be blessed to share in a positive future for all creatures.
- We are blessed to have lived during the 20th Century because of the affect of Gandhi, and later Cesar Chavez, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, has had on our lives. All of them prophets! :)
- May the blessings of RETURN nourish the blessing of new beginning (that is) as the new life begins may there be many returns from the fruits of the parents.
- Many blessings to the baby's family and the new family that will be born from it.
- Blessings upon us ALL, from the ALL, to the ALL with gratitude.
- When joy arrives in a small package, there is nothing greater.
- I wish you a healthy & a happy baby & many years of joy.
- Blessings to the baby and the family. May the baby live in a world free of war, conflict & violence, and know peace and love and justice as the ultimate reality!
- May you shine generosity and light!
- May your baby be blessed with excellent health and be surrounded with love, patience, compassion, and happiness. :-)
- Blessings to baby love. May your parents raise you slowly and calmly that you may be a blessing to your world.
- May you be a light in this world...awake and present, full of passion and grace. I feel blessed to have come to this place today -- to experience real gratitude -- may your baby be joyful and reap the many rewards of your gift to the world.
- Babies are all Blessings! Hope yours is especially so! PS. from Melbourne, Australia
- Dear Baby,  Welcome to the world. I wish you lots of affection and a wild imagination.
- Have fun realizing the best path possible, with the most fun too!
- New life is always a blessing, the newness within ourselves that reaches effortlessly the divine, the perseverance of children that reaches eventually our goals. From an expectant mother with a newborn, may your way be paved with abundance. :)
- May you enjoy the beauty, love, & light together as a family!
- Hello little lovie ~ Hope your day is full of laughs and milk and tummy rubs. Love to you and your family.
- Hope that life gives you just enough to dream and to learn and to feel fulfilled.
Happy MLK JR. Day!


--Bhoutik on Jan 21, 2010

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