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Different side of KK - Part 1

When we say Karma Kitchen, the focus is more towards participations, connection and interaction between volunteers and guests. Today I would like to write a story from little different angle.

What is the fundamental element if KK? -- People, generosity... and FOOD!  And the delicious food doesn't magically appear on guests' tables.  In KK DC, 4 amazing cooks downstairs support the KK foundation. When we don't know whereabouts in the restaurant, these are the people we rely on, too.

Meet Saila, Santosh, Mona and Krishna. Mona is the head chef for the restaurant.  While she is absent on vacation in Bangladeh, Saila has been in charge of cooking. I am not a vegetarian, but Saila and Mona's dishes make me wonder why I should bother to eat meat? I love their dishes.  Then, Santosh, the naan master, bakes mouth-melting naan. I can never
leave the restaurant without his naan. "naan for Aya" - this is my routine order besides sending orders from the tables.

They are relaxed, reliable crew and spend time with volunteers downstairs mingling. Some people have the misconception of downstairs as a dungeon but it is not!  It is a hidden fun place for volunteers.  In the dining area, volunteers show some professionalism in front of customers.  Downstairs is the place for the volunteers to relax, take a break and enjoy conversation with other volunteers and cooks. 

I would like thank Saila, Santosh & Mona for their hard work, constant support and kind welcome to our volunteers every Sunday.

Next week, I will write a story about another hidden gem in the success of KK (and Krishna will be talked about more there).


Saila (above) and Santosh (below)

--Aya on Feb 1, 2010

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