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You Rock!


It amazes me as how each week, all our volunteers find time in their busy schedules to come and serve together. Such was the case on the last day of January.

With two cancellations, we had Bhoutik and Lachmin step in at the last minute! And we thought phew! We have a full crew! However, we soon came to realize on Sunday that 3 of the volunteers were no-shows! How would we manage with a crew of 9?  Karma Kitchen is a place to practice generosity, and as we sat in our morning circle, the door opens, and in walks Tista! Our saviour for the day! The timing was perfect! 

Karma Kitchen creates a lasting memory for all who come. I am sure 8-year old Marcus will never forget this day. It was his birthday and the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to him. He will grow with this memory and I am sure when he turns 9, he will remember his 8th birthday! Either that, or he will remember the little dance (or jig) Moses did once we finished singing happy birthday! Thank you all for making his day so special!

The day started off very slow (the slowest I've ever seen it at KK) and then all of a sudden, I blinked and we were rushed off our feet Chris, Uma, Susan and Audrey served all our guests graciously and with endless smiles!  The food as always is yummy! However, the first feast is with the eyes and Lachmin and Annie did an awesome job of plating and presenting without any splatters on the side looked perfect!  Annie - you are a pro now! :) The desserts came out looking so professional and beautiful with the caramel sauce artfully drizzeled with patience and love by Tista looked amazing! I could have ate each one of those!  Bhoutik our super-duper dishwasher single handedly washed all the dishes! And not to forget Moses, our Maitre'D, who did an awesome job of making sure people were seated (especially when we had larger groups) and ensuring we finished on time! :)

Our theme of the day was messages - something inspiring or something which just made the recipient feel all nice and warm inside when reading it. The theme was in two parts. Firstly, guests could send a note to anyone else in the restaurant - anonymously or not! This worked well! Even Moses and our Chefs received notes! One guest received two anonymous notes from other guests!  The second was a note which would be passed onto another guest on Valentines Day!  To share one with you: "The very act of generously giving of one's self-- through service, through word, through wealth-- is simultaneously a blessing for the giver and the receiver. The proof of that through such a simple and powerful act as this-- the Karma Kitchen-- is no exception. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful gift with us. You Rock!"

Attached is the group photo of the day taken by Chris. Thank you!

Karma Kitchen Crew for 31st January 2010.

--Dipa V on Feb 6, 2010

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