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What the guests wrote on April 11

How I practice stillness


  1. Sit and look at beauty. Eg: flowers or a flower. Notice the color, shape of petals. Enjoy the beauty, fragrance.
  2. Lie still and think of nothing, do nothing. Be quiet.
  3. Listen. Be silent and listen for the divine


Be Still.


Watching my breath and slowing it down as needed.


When we arrive at our center action is precise and still love.







Stillness is pure vibration


Stillness has a lot to do with my six senses- if I absorb sights, sounds, flavors, etc, without mindfulness during the day, then when it’s time to sit, my mind will not fall still Meditation reveals what I’ve been doing with my sense when I’m not meditating.


While reading, waiting, during prayer at church, while sleeping, bird watching, Quaker meeting.


Going out for a serene hike in the wild.


Real stillness is not separate from (awareness) illumination and there is clear illumination when when there is perfect stillness (silence). In great enlightenment both are always present.

Actually they are here even now and everywhere.






So that

I may

Set thee upon

A rock


Stillness..helps me be present.


Those moments before falling asleep when there’s nothing to see or do but let your mind wander until it’s tired…


Stillness is a young child sleeping soundly.


Into an ever smaller point of stillness.


I accept the situation that happens before me, if I do not agree with it, I will communicate with acceptance and compassion, that’s how I practice stillness in daily life.


If the universe is infinite

Ever point is its center



Stillness remains a mystery.



I practice transcendental meditation which I learned in 1975. For about 20 years I meditated every day. Then I stopped and also did other prayer and meditations. I just started transcendental meditation again and will mediate once a day. It’s as good as ever! I feel refreshed and calmed. Stillness is crucial in these turbulent, noisy times.


Now so clear

Deep breath no fear

Ear just hear

One mind my mirror

Self so still

Still self-less


-Try to listen more than talk

-Spend one hour a day quietly. Contemplating or no distraction

-mindful daily awareness- “stillness in movement”


To be still is easy

Yet I cannot go there

I am afraid of that space

Who will come there?

Will you come there?
Why should I meet you?
In my fluttering heart

Exists akaasha

A molecule burst faster from stillness

What will we bring?

This earth is heavy already

Too much with the world and us

I do not want stillness

I want to not be here.


Go into the inner room of the soul, close the door and rejoice in the love of myself.


Appreciating the beauty in each moment.


-Listen to Eckart Tolle

-3 deep conscious breaths at any point throughout the day

-meditate/chigung in morning




Mom sleeping




--Iris Mallgren on Apr 11, 2010

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