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Remember that one time at Karma Kitchen? :)

Thank you for volunteering at Karma Kitchen on Sunday, April 11!  We served about 80 guests and had a warm and good-natured group on a very rainy day.  Everyone seemed to all work so well together! (just check out the awesome picture!)  The theme was Stillness and while busy and cheerful with 3 birthdays in the house, it was a pretty smooth experience.  Here are some highlights:

Volunteer comments

  • Lachmin and Susan tirelessly put together beautiful plates with practically no backup on orders -- truly amazing! Lachmin's veteran skill and Susan's bottomless enthusiasm were the fuel for this service train. :)
  • Russel embodied acting from stillness while mastering the drinks/desserts in no time at all. And with such generous calm.
  • Jenn took on the industrial dishwashing machine like no other, and wove deftly amongst the hustle and bustle to keep the tea cups, dishes, etc well stocked -- as well as the good spirits in the back! :)
  • Manvi wowed us all with incredible interface skills. Not to mention being seemingly always there when a little helping hand was needed. She makes it look so easy!
  • Audrey served her unflappable cheerful self to the sudden flood of tables midday and led us all in the review at the end.
  • Jessica's unwavering smile (we know why she's smiling now!) brought such a light to the room as she served, for the first time no less, with such grace, flexibility, and ease! 
  • Iris jumped right in, serving Rev. Heng Sure and friends, and balancing lots of special food orders with such positive enthusiasm and great energy! And thanks for typing up the stillness comments, too!
  • Meghna provided the biggest challenge for the day: try to get her to accept a compliment! :) The beautiful pictures were one thing, but the grounded, humble spirit of service she carried with her was truly priceless.
  • Sam was the tagger-extraordinaire! And maitre-D'ed with such a strong and light friendly presence! What a strong anchor for the day!
  • Chris as the swift and steady co-dish-washer and last-minute server, brought magic to the small moments, and shed light on stories from guests throughout the day!

Guest comments on the theme of Stillness (written up by Iris):

    * Stillness is a young child sleeping soundly.
    * Stillness has a lot to do with my six senses- if I absorb sights, sounds, flavors, etc, without mindfulness during the day, then when it’s time to sit, my mind will not fall still Meditation reveals what I’ve been doing with my sense when I’m not meditating.
    * Real stillness is not separate from (awareness) illumination and there is clear illumination when when there is perfect stillness (silence). In great enlightenment both are always present.  Actually they are here even now and everywhere.
    * Be Still / My / Heart / So that / I may / Set thee upon / A rock
    * I practice transcendental meditation which I learned in 1975. For about 20 years I meditated every day. Then I stopped and also did other prayer and meditations. I just started transcendental meditation again and will mediate once a day. It’s as good as ever! I feel refreshed and calmed. Stillness is crucial in these turbulent, noisy times
    * How I practice stillnessSit and look at beauty. Eg: flowers or a flower. Notice the color, shape of petals. Enjoy the beauty, fragrance.
    * Lie still and think of nothing, do nothing. Be quiet.
    * Listen. Be silent and listen for the divine

Thank you all for creating such a positive experience for the guests, and each other!  We made a such a great team and it truly was a pleasure to volunteer with you all.  We hope to see you again soon!

--Sam, Audrey, Chris on Apr 20, 2010

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