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Guest Reflections on Unconditional Love


Conditional Love is expecting while giving.  Unconditional love is giving and enjoying the feeling of giving...the exhilaration of the experience!!!

Unconditional love: Family's love is unconditional love; nature's land is unconditional generosity, Vikram's service is unconditional love!

Karma Kitchen is a solid example of unconditional love.  But the volunteers are the epic.  We need our society to add unconditional love to save the environment crusade.

Having lunch at Karma Kitchen made my very special 'Mother's Day' even more special!  What better place to experience unconditional love can there be?  It must be my good karma!

The only resource that will never be in dearth is unconditional love.  It can come in the smallest forms from a smile to a hand squeeze to that spark of hope in someone's eye, to the meal paid by the person before you.

The sound of your voice  
The sirens of an ambulance responding to an emergency  
The music on the radio, from a child's laugh, from the old man's oxygen tank
The sounds of conversations
The sound heard in complete silence
Are sounds of unconditional love

Unconditional love is a song in my heart

Unconditional love is when your friend gives you naan after you have stared at it for >30 seconds.  Also when you allow friends to take naan bits without retaliation.

Unconditional love: No if, else ifs, ors, ands about it.

Unconditional love is like:  wanting to make every single person and creature that crosses your path feel just a bit better, even if only for a moment, for having met you.  Of course, it starts with yourself, then with your nearest and dearest (note: it starts at the most difficult part!), but then it radiates out to every single person and creature that crosses your path, then every single sentient being in the Universe, then trees, plants, mosses, microbes, viruses, single-celled creatures, and "inanimate objects and masses."  Earth, air, fire, water, rock, rocks, rivers, oceans, planets, stars, galaxies, galaxy, clusters, and so on! (your imagination will grow as your heart does.  You love a person or thing not for what they do (which may sometimes be regrettable) but for what they are--a reflection and spark of the Buddha-nature or of the divine.  Unconditional love is the divine recognizing and cherishing the divine.

Unconditional love is like...a flock of sparrows that sit on your shoulder an lift you up and make you feel a tiny bit lighter with every hint or recognition and then eventually carry you off to some fantastic land where everything looks and smells just a little bit sweeter and a little more vivid and loads more awesome and you feel as if you could never be sad again.  It's a good feeling.

CH4 + O2 --> CO2 + H2O

Unconditional love exists all around us from the mother holding her child to the couple walking side-by-side on the street.  Unconditional love truly is exhibited everywhere.

We are all drops in the ocean of God's love.  
--blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I felt unconditional love while swimming with wild dolphins in the beautiful blue sea.

Self-acceptance; acceptance of others; respecting everyone's process; loving life; reverence for all of life.

Unconditional Love???
Can love be with anything else than love?  It may be that the "Creator" made us with conditional love.  Now it is up to us to grow roots and sustain ourselves with a rich inner soil of completion.  A sense of coming back to our essence.  Each individual has an ocean within--dive in!

--Chris on May 10, 2010

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