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A Twenty From a 12-Year-Old

Before Victor could figure out what to do with his Karma Kitchen tab, his 12-year-old son whisks out a $20 bill from his pocket.  As tourist from Mexico, that's a heck-of-a lot of allowance money for that 12-year-old.  Immediately Victor says, "Son, no no, that's okay.  You keep your money."   "No, I want to pay-forward for someone else," his son replies in Spanish.  Victor, clearly moved by the episode, shares with rest of us: "Most people think and calculate and speculate on how to do good.  And some others just be good by listening to their heart.  Today, I've learned that lesson from my son." 

With a proud smile of a father, Victor insisted on adding more money to the envelope -- and this time, without thinking. :)

--JZ on Aug 8, 2010

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