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I am Nourished By...

On Sunday morning, August 22nd, 2010, a dozen people came together to lovingly serve.  One of us had volunteered at Karma Kitchen during the past year.  A few were returned old-timers.  Most of us had never volunteered here.  A few more had never experienced the 'Kitchen.

I was one of the had-eaten-hadn't-volunteered crowd.  We were "in this together."  And it was beautiful.  Here are many of the highlights from the prompt, "I am nourished by..." with which I created a found poem:

colors of waking light. the first feast of the day. soft whistles from a child. generosity. kindness. food. inspiration. love. Hello Kitty.

glisten in your hair. plentiful, awe-inspiring world. the walk to karma kitchen / arose my appetite / sun nourished my vitamin D / good conversation / friendly hellos / vibrant colors / deep breaths / blessed food / fulfilling day / I am nourished / mind / body / and / spirit.

travel. karma kitchen. awareness. a community of abstinent fellows. a self-realization temple. pop music. 

I am nourished by spontaneous order and serendipity. nourishing others. family. community and love. children's laughter. breath (spirit).

walks in nature. happiness and the sun. the outdoors. balance. harmony. kickass boyfriend.

kissing babies. clear-eyed smiles. friends. massage. sangha.

Nourishment: not feeling alone. The greatest nourishment is realizing oneness with Brahman.

As for me, those five and a half hours of positive, joyful work were tremendously nourishing.  

Yes.  Thank you.

--c on Aug 30, 2010

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