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Fall Resolutions

Our theme for the day was -- Fall Resolutions (for the next 3 months, what we ourselves envision ourselves doing for ourselves and others, to make a positive difference in the world). 

Here's what diners shared (listed in no particular order):

"I want to work at a camp for the disabled before Thanksgiving!"  --Joe M.

"Get more sleep - I'm nicer and more active when I'm rested, and run faster to boot.  The only way I can achieve" (cut off; ended abrubtly; unfinished?  Maybe we can create our own endings for this).  :)

"Life is beautiful - I should recognize that more often."

"I will look for a volunteer opportunity in my town (San Diego)."

"I am going to start donating massage to Veterans of Foreign Wars at least twice a month." 

"What will I do to change the world?...
I will meditate more, actively being present to here & now.
I will teach compassion more compassionately to my students & wider circles.
I will attempt to live "Namaste."  --Paul

"Make people blush.  :)"

"Living in
the moment
to breath"

"...taking every chance to broaden your horizon."

"living in the moment...the cure for all sorts of distractions!"

"It's time to stop saying what is wrong with the world, stop saying that it must be fixed, and start actually working to make change.  Stop talking, start acting.  I shall act upon the words have spoken.  Volunteer, be generous.
Educate others on pollution.
Work to improve the environment.
Change others' views on the world.
Let others change my view on the world.
Explore the unknown."

"Read more books on my own
finish writing songs & make them mean something
Do art every day"

"I need to be more accepting to other cultures.  I need to open my horizons but [by] eating at different cultural restaurants and just experiencing other cultures."

"Show more compassion for everyone I meet, be more outwardly emotional."

"How will I contribute to this world? 
- will try to eat less non-veg.

How will I improve my living?
- I will join yoga."  --Neha

"I resolve to live life with authenticity and kindness."

"I want to help people discover and enjoy cool things right where they live - so that everytime they want a break they don't feel the need to fly to another part of the world..."

"I will donate more to charities that support animals and the environment, I shall make the donation in honor of my family and friends."

"1.  Not use soap with antibiotics to avoid building up resistance.
2.  I am elderly and want to keep my posture walking because it may help us agains early onset of dementia."

"I want to help build awareness about the massive climate impacts of aviation (including to places I love, like India) through lectures and teach-ins.  It's not enough to be a good person; we need to understand the consequences of our choices."

"I will be content and make positive gestures, actions for the benefit of all.
be my own love
and share it. 

"- When I am working (as a waitress) I will try to remove my "ego" from the work and greet people from a place of awareness and not from my role as a "waitress."  I will try to work without focusing on the $ and not take personally the customers who are less aware...

-Take time for self-care."

"Be aware and open to others thoughts/beliefs/cultures
Strive to be open to new people and try to make a new friend every day
Talk to as many people as I can in order to expand my boundaries
Experience as much as I possibly can every single day!"

A card To Karma Kitchen (front shows Woodstock talking to Snoopy in his birdtalk and Snoopy replying, "Really?") wrapped in a WWF calendar page showing 2 tigers:
"5 September 2010
There was a mountain lion in Berkeley...

Dear Karma Kitchen Creators, staff, chefs, volunteers, guests, patrons, friends & fans:
THANK YOU for your service and positive words, actions and attitudes that make Karma Kitchen a loving place to be!  I'm sending LOVE to each of you. 
May we cherish every living being, even the mountain lion, that was killed in Berkeley.  All Life is precious.  Thanks for feeding us, Karma Kitchen!  3 hearts ~A FRIEND~"

Some cool server names from today and past KK meals (in no particular order):
Unconditional Love
Sillyness All over
Whole lot of sillyness


Thanks for the opportunity to serve together -- I had lots of fun, and it was a pleasure and an honor to meet so many good-hearted friends.

--Varsha on Sep 21, 2010

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