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Karma Kitchen 2 in Tokyo

Earlier in August, we just hosted our second Karma Kitchen.  We decided to rotate locations, so more people get the benefit of understanding the ideals of a gift economy.  This time, it was hosted by a cooking studio, who had originally offered desserts for our first Karma Kitchen, and really wanted to try it out at their restaurant.  It was macrobiotic studio, so it was a vegetarian meal; it was a small space with only 15 seats -- but we were still able to serve 52 meals!!  Just like our first Karma Kitchen, we received twice the money they normally would've received. We tried many experiments like the ON-musubi cards, and it was all very successful, and a very uplifting experience for our local team too. The restaurant is hoping to do it again very soon. Here's a video of the restaurant owner herself ... 

--Yuka on Aug 18, 2012

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