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Berkeley Returns (with a wow!)

Karma Kitchen Berkeley returned with a bang, with guests from all around the bay-area and some serendipitious guests from other countries as well!  Keith and Praveen rallied the troops, while Lalita, Cat and Ayako built up the ambiance, and a full crew of volunteer helped serve over 100 guests.

After a full day of giving unconditionally, busing tables for guests, Pranav noted: "I know I'm young, but it was the best day of my life."

What stole the show, though, was a surprise wedding proposal! Lots of cheers, songs, red roses for random guests, and smiles all around.   The full story is quite amazing actually.

And we piloted a new idea as well.  Prior to the launch, we asked guest to see if they wanted to stay connected after the event.  Over 80 folks responded by saying yes, so we launched five mini events to deepen service ties amongst the KK community.

  • Fruita Gift: Join a one-of-a-kind community in Oakland that grows, gleans and gifts fresh, organic produce to children and families living in  challenging environments. 
  • Green Gulch with Grace: Participate in a circle of sharing with an incredible wounded healer, who is a lifetime student of Zen, a celebrated AIDs physician, and survivor of a devastating accident that left her wheelchair bound but with a spirit that's gloriously unchained.
  • Hear The Homeless: Join a group of volunteers to pay-forward the blessings of love and nourishment to underserved communities at a local soup kitchen, and to simply share presence and stories with people who are all often too easily ignored or avoided. 
  • Eye of the Whale: Join a mini-expedition to the beautiful setting of Monterey to meet with a photographer who has dedicated himself to capturing life-size images of whales, and connecting humans to the wonder, mystery and kinship we have with these beautiful, extraordinary creatures of the ocean. 
Each of these grassroots events will be led and coordinated by a KK volunteer. The hope is that these events will help foster deeper community and interconnection while also giving people opportunities to deepen their values, practice small acts of service, and participate in wisdom circles. 

--Keith on Aug 21, 2013

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