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June of Abundance at Karma Kitchen DC!

Some comments from guests who felt inspired after Karma Kitchen at Himalayan Heritage on 06/30/2013:

"The smallest and simplest of gestures, such as a free meal, have the ability to inspire in the greatest of ways. Thanks for inspiring me" - A quote from one of the first time guests at Karma Kitchen

"This was WONDERFUL. Met new friends, ate tasty food... We will be paying it forward today, next month, and beyond." - From a group of friends who totally enjoyed their experience, creating ripple effects of the paying it forward principle.

The June edition of Karma marked another milestone in Karma Kitchen's historic journey. A journey of moving, from Transaction to Trust, from Isolation to Community, and most importantly from Scarcity to Abundance.

The day's theme was Abundance, and we could witness it right from the moment our first set of volunteers set foot at Himalayan Heritage, all the way till the last person left the premise after a satisfying day of bringing kindness and cheer to our guests of the day. Some of the first time volunteers understood, absorbed, and radiated the love that Karma Kitchen represents - The kind of love whose abundance grows with more distribution of it. All volunteers not just had a spring in their strides, but also brought their smiles to guests by their warm greetings and service. In addition, they were also willing to step into each other's roles that helped set a gracious tone.

We served about 74 guests. It was very inspiring to see some volunteers who drove all the way from NJ, and Baltimore, keeping their enthusiasm the whole time.

KK DC has been really great place to meet like-minded people, which has been more evident by the happy faces when they meet either a guest or co-volunteers who share the same interest. Like one of the new volunteers Sarah, who had been looking for some food sharing community finds our veteran volunteer Aakruti who has started a Dinner swap group.

In the theme of Abundance it was really great to see how abundance is created in a space like Karma Kitchen. As one volunteer commented, she was amazed how guests were served abundantly and nobody returned without feeling full, physically and spiritually.

--Arvind on Jul 10, 2013

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