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Ringing in the New Year KK Style!

We bid farewell to 2013 and welcomed the New Year in style at KK this past Sunday! And there were huge helpings of generosity all around :)

So much transpired that could not have been planned for...There was the proud little girl who lost her first tooth at Karma Kitchen :) There was the table of 10 that tagged Alisa with a beautiful necklace even before she'd taken their orders. There was the man who when asked if he wanted dessert, gestured all around him and said, "This IS my dessert." There was the woman who had planned a big birthday gathering at the local Thai temple only to find out at the gate this morning that they were closed today. A serendipitous sequence of events then led their party of 15 to our door. There were the two chefs from SF who were wowed by the food, but even more so by the spirit behind it. " When you put love into what you do everything changes -- doesn't it?" they reflected. Indeed it does.

Love was definitely in the air when a bouquet of roses was presented to the birthday girl as the whole restaurant sang to her. Love was definitely in the air when a guest exclaimed, "I look forward to Karma Kitchen like a kid looks forward to Christmas! And when an elderly man and his wife who had started their meal complaining about local politics and corporate greed ended it by saying, "Please thank EVERY single person who helps make this place possible. It means the world to us." And when a family of four who had spent more than two hours on the road to experience Karma Kitchen found themselves tagged with peace chains and heart pins. And love was Definitely in the air when one of the volunteers switched a guest's credit card for his own and tagged them by covering their meal (without their knowledge!). We couldn't have asked for a better send-off party for 2013 and we're looking forward to more adventures in generosity in 2014!

--Pavi on Dec 31, 2013

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