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A Day of KK Gifts: From Impromptu Hip-Hop to 4-year-old's Lollipop!

With a crew of 10 volunteers, we served a total of 68 guests, including a local hip-hop artist who dazzled us with his flute-rap-poetry, and a magazine editor-in-chief who tagged our Kindness Table with a hefty stack of his latest edition! Again and again, we witnessed the power of small acts with great love. At the start of the day, Kozo brought bubbles and animal figurines to gift to kids while they wait. On his way out, 4-year-old Justin tagged an incoming first-time guest with a treasured lollipop. Another guest walked in and headed straight to the Kindness Table to gift-forward a dozen sand dollars that she collected herself along a local beach shore.

And our rock solid team of volunteers really anchored the house! Thao's can-do attitude kept the flow of food to guests in an artful rhythm with her first-time veteran interfacing! And each visit into the kitchen found it humming in perfect harmony-- with Mindy and Prithvi plating with such gentle, delight and care, Cathy jumping right in to mix up a simple syrup concoction and dishing up a steady stream of sweetness, and Kozo, who's practices of humility infused the kitchen with a steady stillness of heart-- and who never stopped smiling after a full 7 hours of nonstop industrial-level dishwashing! Then, on the front-end, our servers were shining lights-- as Benson's handwritten quote found its way to a family who were moved to gift him a book, Wendy's nonstop grace-in-action kept her gliding all around the restaurant, Perla's smiling spirit carved the way for connective conversations, and Chris embodied the "savior" role-- stepping in to bus tables, take orders, deliver food, gifts, dishes, and everything in between!

At the end of the day, the crew echoed a joy in having an opportunity to give and serve in such genuine ways.

--Maitre-D on Feb 22, 2015

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