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Fueled by the Spirit of Generosity

Karma Kitchen was a real remarkable experience this month!  With a rockstar crew of 14 volunteers, we served a total of 95 guests in a high-energy yet "stress-free" (as one volutneer called it) day of enthused tables and many-to-many conversations in a first ever configuration of 5 rotating community tables! :) So many stories emerged from each face that walked in. From a powerful embodiment of restorative justice, to a recent college grad who biked across the US to expand his worldview, a remarkable scientist-turned-healer, two families that spent the morning gifting people lemonade, and two guys who came to simply eat lunch, and ended up brainstorming how they can shine more kindness into their week-- lots of ripples unleashed in umpteen directions, and all thanks to everyone's full-of-heart service and spirit of generosity!

As Eri noted in our closing volunteer circle, it's amazing how the same work can feel so different when fueled by a labor-of-love!

And what a labor-of-love crew of volunteers! From Carol's dedicated superwoman dishwashing to Kevin's all around service--from dishes to busing tables to filling water for guests, Hannah and Candace's artful drinks and desserts, Xiao and Cathy's diligent plating, savior Samy's showing up to gift flowers or bus tables or serve guests, Eri and Shefali's amazing first-time deep dive in serving tables with an effortless organized chaos type of teamwork, Michelle's endless enthusiasm (and even staying til the very end to sweep the floor sparkling clean), Eugenia's grace in floating across all avenues of the restaurant, Bradley's multifaceted veteran interfacing and filing in all the details and baking of delicious rhubarb crisp, and Kozo's soulful service from coming early to setup to bringing blank puzzles as gifts to mindfully serving each table-- the spirit of service is alive and well in downtown Berkeley this Sunday! :)

And stunning photos from our resident budding photographer, Tejas.

--Maitre-D on Mar 30, 2015

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